Reservation flow

Reservation flow

Reservation flow

  • Reservation flow
  • Reservation flow

① Reservation application

Please fill in the required information from the bottom of the “Details” page of the tours you want to visit from the homepage, then press the send button to proceed with the reservation.
*The reservation has not been established at this point.

② Confirmation of reservation

Within 3 business days after application, we will ask the e-mail address entered by the person in charge for confirmation of reservation details, inquiries about details, etc., and information necessary for proceeding with arrangements.

③ Notification of Inquiry

We will make arrangements based on the information you asked, and we will inform you about the result of whether that service is available or not.

【If we confirm your reservation】
Please confirm the reservation details and proceed to payment in step 4.
【If reservation is not possible due to full seats】
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please reconsider your schedule and optional tour, and then repeat the procedure from ①.

④ Payment of travel fee

We will send you an invoice by e-mail with your reservation details.
If the invoice is correct, please make the payment before the payment deadline stated in the document.

【About payment method】
We have the option to transfer to a bank account or pay by credit card online.
If you wish to pay by credit card , please let us know by replying & we will send you the online payment link.

≪Bank transfer≫
*Customers are responsible for the transfer fee.

≪About online credit card payment≫
We will create a dedicated online credit card payment page. After creation, a guide email will be sent to your registered email address in English by automatic transmission.
Please access the URL described there and enter your credit card number.
The only card companies that can be used are “Visa Master”. In addition, in rare cases, some credit cards issued by Japan cannot be used with the cards of applicable companies.
In that case, please pay using the card of another compatible company or bank transfer.
* In the case of credit card payment, about 3% of the total payment fee will be charged in addition to the travel fee.
*Please note that the dedicated payment page will automatically disappear if the payment procedure is not completed within the payment deadline.

⑤ Send the final guide

We will send you the confirmation voucher by e-mail after payment received or at least 1 day before departure.
If you have any emergency please contact us on the given contact number.

⑥ Departure

On the tour day in the optional tour. Experience the wonderful attractions of Dubai!
*Please be careful not to miss the pick-up time.
* Refunds are not possible for late arrivals or cancellations due to customer reasons on the day of departure.