Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

JWD TRAVEL&TOURISM LLC (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) respects the privacy of our valued customers and will not ask for personal information about the customer other than information related to reservations with us. We also strive to manage and store the personal information of customers who ask us when making a reservation.
Here, we will provide an overview of the personal information that we receive from our customers.

■Collection of personal information

We will ask for your personal information when inquiring from you about the travel services we offer and when arranging and booking travel services. This information includes your name, date of birth, gender, contact telephone number, email address, and address.
In addition, we may ask you for your financial institution information when paying or refunding to a financial institution designated by us.

■Use of personal information

The personal information of customers obtained through our website shall be used by us to conclude, arrange, and make reservations for your travel services, and shall be used by us for other purposes or provided to third parties without permission.
In addition, in order to conclude, arrange, and reserve travel service contracts, we will comply with our privacy policy and adhere to strict safety measures when transmitting customer information to related facilities that provide such travel services. Make sure that.

■Legal disclosure of information

We may disclose your information if we believe it is appropriate to protect our rights or comply with court orders or legal process.

■Non-personal information

We collect data through our website. However, this data is primarily used to evaluate the effectiveness of website content and features.

At JWD Travel & Tourism, we respect our valued customer’s privacy and ensure not to collect any information other than the information relevant to make booking with us. As such, we strive to take care of our customer’s right to privacy in connection with their interaction with this website. Our scope of commitment as part of the use of your information is outlined herein.

Collection of Personal Information

We collect your information mainly when you contact us to inquire us about our products and services or make a booking. This usually includes your name, contact details, email id, physical address, credit card or payment details, travel requisites and referral source. Upon the submission of information, you give consent to JWD Travel & Tourism to use your information to process orders in an accurate and prompt manner.

Use of Information

Any personal information of a client obtained through this website will be utilized by JWD Travel & Tourism to process his or her booking, verify credit card details, and provide relevant information associated with client’s travel or any other subsidiary services he or she would like to avail of.

Privacy of Your Information

All information provided by our customers during online booking, such as their name, address, email id and credit card details is considered private, and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone except for certain suppliers or third parties whose involvement in the loop is fundamental for the successful processing of your order. But before disclosing your information, we make sure that these third parties abide by our privacy policy and adhere to strict safety measures.

Legal Disclosure of Information

We may disclose your information, if we feel that such disclosure is pertinent to protect our company’s rights and / or abide by a court order or a legal proceeding.

Non-Personal Information

JWD Travel & Tourism consistently collects data from website, with the help of patterns via web logs and third-party service providers. But this data is mostly deployed to evaluate the efficiency of our websites’ content and features.

Secured Transaction

In order to maintain accuracy of data and avoid unauthorized access of our client’s personal information, we make sure that all transactions are carried out through our secured server. Moreover, we utilize technical safeguard system such as encryption, socket layers, and firewalls to secure your sensitive information like credit card details.